Two Celtic Kittens

My novel Faerborne Scorn: The Awakening is a Celtic one, and is Part I of a trilogy about the Faerborne.  Our hero Raiden is infatuated with the leader of a more advanced race, Laelia.  Laelia is at war with an evil race that plots her demise and all she knows.  Her parents have wronged them, or so they believe.  Raiden and Laelia fall in love during this struggle, their love fraught with conflict.  Discovering the enemies plot and skirmishes with the enemy strains their love.  The Celtic gods a dying race find twelve pure individuals to inhabit for the rejuvenation.  Raiden and Laelia, of two different peoples, must come together to fight evil or lose one of their own.  The evil race, The Malkeforms must capture humans to get their powers back, then they go after the Faerborne.

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Weariness in life is natural but do not let it stand in the way of new experiences.

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